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How are your points calculated?

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How are your points calculated?

When I win a team game, I always get the least 'rank points', even if my rank is the lowest. So the other winners get more, even if their rank is already higher. Why is that? Also, even if I end up with the most points in a team game, I still get less 'rank upgrade'.

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As I see at your history, you play often games together with new players. At the first 10 games you get an extra boost to receive more rank, so it is possible for new accounts to get more than 200 points with one game. After that they get normal ranks as anyone else. Also your postion at your team doesn't. As the name says it is a teamgame, so everyone recives/loses the same rank(except the case that somebody played less than 10 games at this rankmodus, then the boost is still activated).



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