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How about a no powerup arena?

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How about a no powerup arena?

The final reminded me how much I used to like playing no powerups in cf2.  

I know I can go to the custom side and set it like that, but I've never actually been able to get a game going there, powerups or otherwise.  Love arenas because you just wait until it forms a game for you.  Just an idea.

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Thanks for the suggestion but it's quite unlikely that we'll do something like this.

The reason being is that we would be splitting up the players more by adding more arenas.

Which is also why we haven't released arena 4 and probably never will.

In an ideal world we would have an arena for each gamemode with different entry fees and differnt options etc.. but it sadly doesn't work like that because there would be too little players in each arena which makes the queue time take too long.