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Hoow to get on server or something?

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Hoow to get on server or something?

please help me i don't know how to play or get on server

Clan: MODS

You mean how to play the game?

Via the main page , select Achtung Die Kurve 2 and login with the same name you have on the forums.

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after pressing achtung die kurve 2 and loging in,first you will see an advert,after 15 seconds in the right lower corner there will a play game button appear,press it. you will then see all the rooms listed you can join,press with the mouse button on the room which you want to join. that should be all you need to know :)

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Clan: MOD

You forgot that after the add, you need to click on the Online button, and then you will see the list. Looks quite difficult to me :)