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Dear curvers,

Thank you for all the good moments in team, ffa and 1vs1 games. It has been a nice pleasure to help the CF community for now 1 year, the time goes by fast.. I have so good memories : kindness, haters, pro teams, noob teams, helpful players, teamkilling/targeting players. All these persons gave me the motivation to moderate and helped me to make improvements.

Since I was moderating the cheating more particulary, my goals was to alert the players who cheat by warning/punishing them. This is the only way I had in my hands to make sure the cheaters understand all their boost/bad behavior destroy their own image. In no way I would have punished someone for a personal problem, even if the most of the punished players still take it as a personal attack or do think I'm lying.

Many thanks to the CurveFever staff : moderators, managers, developers, owner. Without them, CurveFever would not be able to run like it does. The more time that lapses, the more there are people who play CF, and the more the CF staff has to spend energy for this game. By working with them, I was in a position to assess all their efforts.

Something who hurt me most during my moderating period is the complete ignorance of our work. Getting comments like "you do nothing" in return of a lot of time spent, is something I had troubles at the begining. Nevertheless, on the other hand, many others have showed a real recognition and a huge empathy. That's why I have kept a lot of motivation to help everyone, even the trollers ahah :P.

Well, I almost forgot to tell you why I'm leaving this team (maybe not forever but for a while). Actually, I have finished my studies, got a new work, new appartment, new responsabilities, new wife (note : no.. that's wrong ^-^). It results with less time to spend for All of you, curvers. I prefer therefore let someone else who will have more time to spend for you.

Thank you once again All of you with a big "A". I have already told you almost 99999 times but lets do it one more time, do not forget to have fun, above all else, because that's the main goal of any online games. Teamkillers, offensive players, trollers, everybody can have bad times but please, no hate, we are all human.

<3 Peace & Love! <3

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Good morning everyone,

I would like to add some last notes to the initial topic :

1) Before resigning, I have prefered to fix a maximum of reports. My cf mail will be disabled but you can send me a mail at if you are not agree with something, if I have made a mistake, etc. You can also use the support like usual.

2) Something completely offtopic, I would like to share a personal life experience, answering to the question "Do you get paid?". Last year, I have made an internship in Canada for 4 months, in a famous statistics company ( for interested people), one of the biggest. Unlike my previous internships, I would not get paid. At the begining I had a lot of doubts, because I had to pay the transport, housing, food, and I would not get any money for my work, so I would have to pay everything, it's something very hard to get for a student. In conclusion, this internship was the best internship I have never done. I have gained a huge experience and skills, also unforgettable moments with a lot of lovely persons. Henceforth , when I search a job, this experience gives many opportunities to work in a big company or for doing an awesome work. We forget too often the experience is something you need for a long term (I have almost forget that last year), we always think about the short term, but actually, if you want excel in something, you need to gain all this experience. The way you gain this experience will impact how fast you will gain this experience. So sometimes you have to do sacrifices to get something you really want. (1-What do you want? Pro in curvefever / 2- How can I get the experience to be a pro? Watching the best players : in live or replays, training awesome moves #I should better let the pro players answering this one, because I'm not that good enough / 3- Doing sacifices to get this experience (waste time) )

Okay, I stop my ridiculous comparisons and save your time instead of reading my notes.

#Happy morning #Happy sunday #Happy curving


~Keep Calm & Relax

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