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Help, my Achtung is falling apart!

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Help, my Achtung is falling apart!

Hi! I havent had any problems with achtung at all up until recently. My ping is very low, but as soon as the game starts, im lagging balls. Sometimes it goes up to 1000 ms but when i die, it goes down to about 50-120 ms. I really dont know what to do, my rank has fallen almost 200 points in the last month because of this. I have shut down everyother website, no utorrent running or anything like that. And i play via WIFI but it has worked all the time before so i dont think thats the problem either. Youtube and downloads works well too, its only achung thats laggin, so i need help! Port forwarding maybe?

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Hi Hummale ! 

Well, it's the problem with your PC, you don't have to Port Forward or something !

Which PC do you use ?

Be and play like a boss.

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Clan: SW

Browser + flash version?


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Clan: MOD

Seems to be a chrome flash bug. What browser + flash are you using?