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Ok. before u shame me for it. ik im was stupid for doing it. i traded my acc on CF3. ik it was stupid i dont need you to tell me that. I traded it to a guy named kazz223. i have been a CF member for over 4 years now aand i just want my password reset if at all possible. if you cant do that i would thoughly enjoy it if you could just ban kingofmaddness acc and kazzz acc. How can i be so sure that it was kazz? my friend PICHULA also got stolen by kazz. PICHULA told me if he doesnt get his acc back he just wants it deleted. we both did something incredibaly stupid and im sure is against the terms and conditions. but please do what u can

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kingofmadness, this is the wrong forum to be making a topic, please go to the official CF3 forum topic.

Also, email the support and email them what happened, and this is why you shouldn't lend out your account to players that you don't know or don't trust. 

- Ivan


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