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Hello World!

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Hello World!

Hello everyone,

As you probably already know form Kevin’s announcement, I’m Andreea (NoFlavor), the new Community and Marketing Manager at Hidden Monster Games.

First of all I want to thank Kevin for the fantastic job he has done so far with building such a great community, and to the team at Hidden Monster Games for the warm welcome. As a gamer myself it is incredibly exciting to be part of the future of Curve Fever Pro especially when working with such an amazing team. Some of my favorites games (besides CFP) are Don’t Starve, League of Legends and Limbo.

Feel free to PM me on Discord if you’ve got any questions and as for any in-game issues, send them at

It’s really nice to meet you all and I’m looking forward to working with the awesome Curve Fever community!



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Hi Andreea.
I welcome you on behalf of the whole CF community.

The CF community is very diverse and quite divided between the three games.
Here a little introduction.

The CF2 part is quite sure about that it is a way better game then the two successors. Even after over 3 years without any real update (I ignore gold color, team ranking and the very bad recent hosting one) people still play it daily and seeing people having collected in-game time well over 100 days is nothing special here.
CF2 had a lot going for it.
The fundamental concept of it is so simple you can understand it in minutes but it has so much depth you can play thousands of matches mastering it. That in combination of not being able to buy anything which could give you an advantage gameplay wise, actually all you can buy with ingame currency are a few cosmetic updates. This gave CF2 the possibility to feel competitive. This is a major point so many people like about this game.

CF2 had some really great ideas:

  • The model of Premium and the monthly Tournaments
  • Custom games to create their own game modes
  • The integration of Curve Radio into the game. Players could listen to the same music with one click and talk about it.
  • The Tribunal to fight "rude chatting".
  • The Clans system and Clan tournaments bringing players together and dividing them at the same time. But for real the concept was really great.
  • People designing icons and voting on them to get them into the game.
  • Overall CF2 was great to socialize with people all over the world (ye when american/asia servers were a thing).

Every addition I just mentioned is pretty much dead besides the monthly premium tournaments. Every long time CF2 player knows how much potential it had and how much got wasted.

But CF2 was destined to die by using flash as it's platform.
I mean it when I say CF2 had an absolutely genius game design.

Then CF3 came with a very childish design and awful gameplay which was unsurprisingly not a success.

Now CFP is out with an overall better design but this time with an awful concept. Everything from the monetization to the general progression just feels wrong. The whole great fundamental concept of CF2 is no part of CFP anymore. There are countless things wrong with it. But ye it's in development.

I wrote all this because you will definitely feel how CFP gets despised and this will maybe help you understand why.

NoFlavor wrote:

Some of my favorites games (besides CFP)...

Don't say that around here. But I also really like Don't Stave. Biggrin

The CF community is complicated but I'm sure people like sam_pum as a long time player, champion and currently moderator can help you in case you got any questions.

Kevin only had a short time to understand "us" but did quite well, I'm sure you can do it as well.

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