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Heavy lags for half a year

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Heavy lags for half a year

... Yeah the topic says it all. 

My connection is the same as always (usb mobile modem), I have tried chrome, ie and firefox, but still the same: about 20 input rejections is standard for a game, sometimes more, sometimes less. (Usually less when playing premium games with pros and impossible to play non-premium games with noobs ...)

For some strange reason I can play almost like normal, if I at the same time is downloading something ...

Lags are usually coming in the beginning of a round (yeah I lost quite a lot of rounds with 0 points ...) but they can also appear later in game.

Sometimes ppl see me lagging, sometimes not. 

But anyway, I paused this game for a couple of months, then returned, and now I'm seriously thinking about retreating for good, though I really appreciate the game. It's not fun to play like a noob, when you are (semi)pro, and it's not fun to be unpopular for my lags, though I can understand angry people. 

So... Any suggestions for help, or do I have to say: This is it!? (I'm sure my studies would be happy to hear).