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Hacking Issue

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Hacking Issue

Since 2 days my account is being DDoSed frequentely.

The following happens:

A user named Zeliac ( is adding himself in my friendlist (i have not sent him a request he is only visible in my friendlist for a few seconds), then spams my friend-chat with heavy text and forces my browser to crash (flash player crashes and the task can only be closed via task manager), after relogging it happens again.

I know user La Policía ( and probably
                   Aeølus (
are involved in this case because it happens mostly when ure winning the round or having good chance to win and they were omnipresent during the games.

It happened following games:

Im really looking for help here because my game is unplayable at the moment :)

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I heard about this.. This needs to go be go through support I suppose.. 


Hey, please send any information, screenshots etc. you might have regarding this problem to It would be extremely helpful! Thank you! heart 

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NoFlavor so cute :3

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here is what happens, if someone is wondering if thats true

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fake news

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Which Adobe Flash Player version do you use? The 28th which Arrow uses is known to be vulnerable. First, I would recommend you to update your flash player to the newest version.

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well i tried on browser too, it doesnt matter

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nice that u took time adding this polish rap background music to the very concernful hacking vid tho

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This has been handeled. If you feel the need to communicate please contact our support service.

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