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Hacked non prem coin glitch

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Hacked non prem coin glitch

So I would like to breifly talk about this topic real quick because I see it happening a lot more everyday. This is an exploit in the game itself, I would like to talk about why I think you guys should fix it and how it is unfair to people like me:

1) So first off this goes and is a clear exploit to the game it makes it so non prems do not have to pay to be a prem (essentially).

2) This is unfair to me and other people like me that spend money on the game to go and have prem lobbies free for ourselves.

3) the way they do it is that they make the items they want and start the game once the first rounds start they leave the game or refresh (I am not sure on which one since I have not done it before), but yet a lot of people tell me that it was stupid of me buying prem because of this exploit.

I was just adressing this hoping it gets fixed because this is a clear exploit on how non prems get to spend 500 coins to get the coins back, for a prem lobby.

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Here's why You're wrong

1) Premium lets you do much more than just creating premium games. You can take part in Tournaments, have more than 100 friends, change your colours.

2) This glitch is actually suitable only for creating Team games, because noone wants to lose a round on ffa.

3) You lose host after everygame, and if there is a premium player in a room he gets it automatically.

4) People who use this glitch lose their 500 coins, not everygame, but they forget to do the trick and do pay. So it's really hard for them to gain coins.

5) It actually makes more people to buy premium. Because it lets to be more team rooms, more team rooms, more people playing the game. And people who cannot afford to buy premium won't buy it anyway, and these who can, do buy it even though they know about this trick.

6) I think it is really not nice of You to posting this, because You don't really lose anything by this glitch, it's actually even easier for you to find a game to play, because there is more games. And You take away the opportunity to make team games from those who can't afford to buy premium.

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I agree with kwap. Why are you so bothered about that? I am premium and I don't mind it at all. How does it differ from the situation when people add you just to play premium games? I don't think it's a problem since the game has limited amount of players :x if they remove it, trust me, you won't even get 8 players in your "premium" rooms. Cheers!