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Is Green Speed Broken?

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Is Green Speed Broken?

From playing green speed a lot I've noticed that on some days I have amazing green speed control: basically, I can pretty much kill anyone on demand with x amount of speeds. (2 speed, 3 speed, 4 speed, whatever)

However, on other days my speed control is completely pathetic: basically, I struggle to even make a single kill because it's so hard to maneuver around with speeds. I'm sure tons of other speeders know exactly what I mean.

Generally, I have 'worse' speed control in FFA lobbies and team lobbies. In the 1v1 format, on some occasions, my speed control is pretty bad but usually, it's fine. For example, in a 1v1 at around 10 pm, my speed control was terrible, but at 4 am, the next day, it was pretty good.

Now you know why I play 1v1 a lot: it's because I (usually but not always) have my best speed control in the game mode.

Why is this? Why does the movement feel different on different days? Does anyone have an explanation for this?

Thanks for reading.

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Im not a speed player but I definetly understand your point, for me I have the best control (not just speed control but snake control in general) in team games, next best control in 1v1 and ffa is most of the times just shit.

Im sure this has been the case since 2013. Funny thing is that some players experience better control in ffa and worse in team/1v1, my guess is that its internet/server related.

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i know what you mean, but its because in the evening the game is more smoother than by day. And the reason you play 1 day better than the other day is bcuz you are less tired (more focussed) than the other day and the reason of that has to do with your day activities. For example i play much better when i havent had a lazy day and have ate already. Now in the ramadan my focus is maybe 20/50% instead of 70/100% outside of Ramadan. I have had days in cf that i played 8/12 hours of gameplay with no break, i must tell you that in the beginning of those hours im more focussed than at the end. Cuz we are human, we get tired unless your name is Bloodred. He is some kind of Machine, that guy doesnt get tired.

PS: if they could make the game always this smooth like in the evening/at night, that would be great.

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hahaha the way you threw in the bloodred part :D brilliant!