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Goodbye ;)

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Goodbye ;)

Hey guys,

I decided to quit Curve Fever . Here are the reasons below.

Firsty , Last time Zaaak accused me of teaming in ffa game (some players without doubt know that im often playing green speed ffa games but nobody before Zaaak accused me :c )
He convinced me that i shouldn't play anymore

Secondly im sad because of making new accounts by "old" players so now i don't know actually who is who xD Especially the end of the year 2017 was incredibly fulled of new accounts.

Moreover some people on this game are becoming more And more rude so i don't want to continue playing .

Also special thanks to all my friends from this game . You make this game better for me thx ;)
Finally thanks to moderators and creators of this game because you make great job ! ;)

bb all !

Kind regards ;)

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i hope you will use your freetime now with some online english courses

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Clan: Bye

maćko ;( 

The Godfather <3


Augu you beast :3 see you bro 

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I hope you will soon come back Polak ♡