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good bye and some other things

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good bye and some other things

Hi guys, dunno if u remember me,

cf2 was a great game, I spent around 2 years of my life playing it, and I enjoyed it as much as I sometimes hated it. I had a great time, kinda spent my whole puberty here, and I guess that wasnt always easy^^

I want to say sry to all guys who were annoying to me, and thanks to all I had a great time with.

cf2 is dying, so I wanted to say good bye to it and all guys I met here, I wont name them because it would take too long and I alrdy dont remember all usernames I knew 2-3 years ago.

Life is going on, the next capter stats now, and I hope all of u will keep going.


if smbdy is interested in arts, drawings etc etc can support me on instagram.​        I started uploading pics today and feel free to rate them. If not, see you in the next life and keep playing as long as u can Biggrin

cya and gl

Leon M, aka Script aka nayenda


I hope you will enjoy the next chapter in your life!

ByeBye Script


Lovely drawings and the ones you posted on the forums previously. You have a wonderful talent ;))

goodbye and gl in life nayenda

sorry if I annoyed you lel

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Goodbye. <3

In my opinion you are like most probably the best overall player of all time after Real (and maybe Gilnash) but just a very few people ever noticed how good you actually were. For sure one of the greatest talents to have ever played this game.


Clan: daup

Posted by Legendary Zelda

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+1 Haru


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