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Gilnash wins the February FFA Tournament

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ffa america nr. 16
1v1 america top 14%
team america nr. 18
Clan: MISS

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Lol a friend of mine was there:( David Gilmour failed the solo sometimes gggggggggggg

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Calmy on 1 March, 2015 - 21:00
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Pug. wrote:
But what about doing 2 finals?:) i mean 2 games, and the player who got best positions wins. It would be much harder being so lucky 2 games in a row

That's something need to be discussed with the tournament moderators. Anyway, this topic's goal is congratulating the finalists. You can post your suggestion in the suggestion section.

[your suggestion might bring more suspense in the final. In other hand, when you have done more than 5 matchs, it might become very difficult for the finalists to handle 2 additional matchs, instead of only one. I'm not sure if they will all survive to this :p]

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Best of 3 would be good in tournaments expecially in team tournaments :D and clans. Congratz!