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Gentleman/Miss of CF

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Gentleman/Miss of CF

Hello curvers!

I would like to take a little bit of activity here and make a friendlier community in this game. That's why I create two new topics here in the forum.

Here is the second one:

There are more than 2700 posts in the "Selfie topic". Most of them are photos of us, the players of this game. I think creating this topic was an excellent idea. It helps to make this community more friendly.

But now back to why I'm creating this topic ... In the theme of "Selfie topic" they added their photos to many gentlemen and many ladies ... I think it might be fun to find out which of the players you like the most.

So the question is:
Which player do you like the most by looking?
(insert a nickname and his or her photo, or insert a link to a social network like facebook and so on)

Winner will win the unofficial title of Gentleman of CF / Miss of CF!


Have fun!


We are all beautiful! 

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