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Geert Please Read - Curve Fever 2 Re-Mastered

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Isnt there anyone playing this game with decent programming skills? :D

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there is many

they have ruined this game, "curve fever pro" doesnt deserve to be called curve fever

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Daresco wrote:

Isnt there anyone playing this game with decent programming skills? :D

Even if there was someone...

They can't just "copy" curve fever 2 and remaster it. If you look at the forum bottom, it says 

© 2014 Curve Fever. All rights reserved

There is also a paragraph at the Terms and conditions which says:


All content included on our services, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads, data compilations, and software, is the property of Hidden Monster Games or its content suppliers and protected by international copyright laws. The compilation of all content on our services is the exclusive property of Hidden Monster Games, with copyright authorship for this collection by Hidden Monster Games, and protected by international copyright laws.

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This is the best game you could play as it forces players to try to become better as its an equal playing field. This is the most enjoyable thing about it. Everyone is equal.. the only thing seperating players is the will to win and progress and improve.


Remake CF2

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I agree

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this needs to be addressed again. Curve fever is crumbling now unless fast action is taken

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Bruh been playing cf2 for 5 years and ive tried quitting countless times... but the game is addictive

cant geert just listen and remake cf2 ... CFpro Sucks azz and will die (probably dead already havent checked ) 



Thumbs up if you agree

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everyone gave up. there is no point discussing with the developers




Apparently my account is about 6 years old now. That's neat.

I know that I'm just some random who doesn't play too much anymore, but I like this game and would love to see it remade (CF2 remade. I tried CF Pro and it reminded me of every poorly designed predatory money-trap I've heard of.)

Why not just port the engine? Assuming you have the code, it should be laughably easy to port the game itself, the only thing that needs redoing would be the servers. Even if you wanted it to stay a browser game, you could just move it to HTML5, or even rebuild it out of the CF Pro engine (assuming they're somewhat similar internally. I don't know)

I don't know if this appeals to anyone else, but I'd love a Steam or console release. I don't think it's likely, but a pay-up-front CF on consoles would be great - it even could improve the local multiplayer that CF1 and 2 supported.

If nothing else, I would like to see this game not die to poor servers and depreciation of Flash. It can be saved, and I'd love to see it happen.

Hello! 515=30517578125. 

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I disagree, just update the game instead of making a new one, appreciated 


Sie zerkratzen meinen Lack, aber niemals mein Ego


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btw has game been removed?

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I genuinely don't understand what goes on in meetings between the developers when they decided CFPro and CF3 for that matter was more important to develop/update than an already popular (especially in the past) CF2.

CF2 is basic, nobody really cares much about achievements, colours or icons. People play the game because they like it. People have played this game for 4 years, 5 years and many even longer. Even more impressive when you think there haven't been any good updates for years and the game was clearly being sent to its death by the developers.

When CF3 was announced, I think everyone got pretty excited at the prospect of an updated CF. Didn't take long for people to realise what an abomination that creation was. Didn't take long for CF3 to die. Yet still, CF2 was going strong compared to a game only a few months old.


Already less players are joining those FREE tournaments than players joining CF2 tournaments which require premium. CFPro is 1 year old... There has literally been a CFPro advert triggering me for a year in the middle of CF2 and this basic game is outperforming it. CFPro is so smooth (the best part of the game) and CF2 feels like playing on a calculator in Antartica and still there is more interest in CF2.

Every update on CFPro seems to be trying to make it more like CF2, uhhh, there's a reason for that Developers... maybe because CF2 is better? 

The amount of potential CF2 had was incredible for the reason it's such a simple game where so much could be added (without changing core gameplay).


CFPro on the other hand is clearly designed to grab people's attention by being flashy, but has nothing more to offer.

The game does have some good ideas. Faster games to keep people interested, a levelling system to gain things (although this should not be to gain in-game advantages) and rewards for playing daily. These good ideas and many others that the community have could just be added to CF2 however.


My experience on CFPro...


I've played with a pistol where I'm aiming accurately at someone close to me, waiting 15 seconds for the shot to reach them, and on the off chance I hit them I claim my 2 points, only to get anihilated from a laser in 0.2 seconds from some level 60 guy on the other side of the map deleting me from the game. Being good at surviving (the whole point of Curve Fever I thought?) means fuck all in this game. There are jump powerups, brakes, nuclear bombs that you chuck out in front of you to clear a way. There's a powerup that lets your opponent go invisible for about 14 decades and then pop out in front of you. These are not good for the game.


You are actively encouraged to focus 1st place in this game, since that's where you get most points from. In CF2 focussing in FFA is possibly the worst part of the game (except lags), it's against the rules. I guess the develepors thought lets make focussing an important part of CFPro just for fun? Your final position in the game will most of the time come down to 1 lucky/unlucky shot you hit/get hit by in the last round. BTW, it is a good move to suicide on 1st place if you can hit them with some sort of weapon before dying. No, I didn't say a troll move, that's a GOOD move in this game. That is not good for the game.

Another's an important strategy in CFPro to die on purpose just so you don't get hit by a weapon and lose more points than you gain for surviving. This is an awful game mechanic, I mean really awful, probably the thing I hate most about this game. I get punished for living longer in most circumstances.


I like speed in CF2. Speed is dead in CFPro. Absolutely no point using that powerup. If you manage to kill someone using a speed, it's very likely they fired some sort of weapon at you before they died (which they can't miss because you have to be right next to them to kill with speed). You (and everyone else) will get 10 points for outlasting 1 player, but you will lose more than that for being shot.

Thin is a popular mode in CF2. There is no thin in CFPro. If there was thin it would be useless anyway. Even someone with Parkinson's playing during an earthquake can't possibly fail a hole in CFPro, they are huge. 

There are definitely good players in CFPro who have a lot of skill, but the skill cap is no where near as high as it is in CF2. Therefore the game quickly becomes uninteresting. Especially since you need to play for months or spend money on the game to get good enough powerups to actually compete with these top players. The game isn't interesting enough to play for that long, nor good enough to make me want to spend money on. (For comparison, I have spent money on CF2 even though there are 0 in-game advantages).

I guarantee a remake of CF2 with absolutely nothing changed except having smooth games like in CFPro would be way more popular than CFPro is now with way less effort. 

I know the Developers don't care. They haven't cared about CF2 or our community's opinions in a long time. I only wrote this to get it off my chest before this game completely dies.

CFPro will never be as successful as CF2, anyone here could have told you that the day the game was released (actually many did). Stick to what worked.

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Hi guys! I am a developer from Poland, been working on something for a while. Can't wait to share it with you. Stay tuned!

keep us updated mate


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Kolver wrote:

Hi guys! I am a developer from Poland, been working on something for a while. Can't wait to share it with you. Stay tuned!

Nice! Hope it will be as nice as your clan tag.