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We have a little inside joke to say "wow he moves like a gecko" when a friend makes a nice move and travels throughout the map, so I thought it'd make a nice icon ^_^

Sadly enough, it doesn't look quite as good when it's resized to 23*23, hence my thread.
I've decided to still post this because I realized the actual icons in-game are well bigger than this, and so if it goes online it has a decent chance to look better.

The fingers look a bit weird because I have tried to twitch them to look as understandable as possible in such small size, so yeah S:

This is an original work by me (made in Photoshop) so there is no need to be concered as for the copyrights.

Icon small: 
Icon big: 
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looks nice :D

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thanks guys :D

I just realized that by rotating the gecko you can basically get a bigger 'tiny' version (since the gecko takes more width than height)

A question in general - I'd like to keep making some more icons, but how do you I know whether the icons I make get implemented or not? 
I have searched around in previous pages and I saw the lead designer commenting and saying that 'the icon will be added to the icon inventory next update' but I couldn't find them actually in-game, plus it was last year, he doesn't seem to do it anymore.