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Gay and Lesbian being swears

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Gay and Lesbian being swears

I think gay and lesbian shouldn't turn into mooh as that suggests they are inappropriate words which is homophobic.

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I personally agree with you, it shouldn't be seen as swear words. I still remember when curfever made the promotion "Gay? Let's play!" of the color rainbow when it was brand new, so it's kinda hypocritical that they consider the word itself as inappropriate. Im not quite sure if it was on the forum, but this question has been asked before and they justified it by simply saying "people use it as invectives, so we must blur it out". I really don't get this reasoning, since if people used "dog" as an invective, it wouldn't result to the word itself as being inappropriate. I-m so happy


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Ye what sundus said

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Zaaak wrote:

so they should also accept the name "retard" which means "to be late" in french, its not an insult.

ROFL Biggrin Nice try bro, but Curve Fever is an english based game, not french based, as majority of users communicte with english so the word ''retard'', which is innapropiate in english should remain blurred.


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