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In-Game Point Specification

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In-Game Point Specification

I need some information. I have searched around in the forums and I can't find any thread that mentions this. 

I already know that you get points when:

1. Someone dies and you are alive.

In what other ways are the points awarded in-game when you play? I need the numbers specifically. How many points do you get when someone crashes into your curve for example? I have tried to figure it out myself but the math becomes incorrect in the end becuase sometimes an x number of points are added after a round, so the question is where they come from? 


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If it is CurveFever2 related: 1 death of other person(before you die) = 1 point and nothing else.

If it is CurveFever3 related: Wrong forum, CurveFever3 forum is here:



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