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Game keeps saying slow connection

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Game keeps saying slow connection

so i was wondering is this really a slow connection; 

(10.49 Mbps d.s. & 0.84 Mbps u.s.)


would it help if i changed browser? using chrome currently



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It would be better to give a printscreen of your toggle stats.


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Hi A_bones,

Unfortunately your screenshot doesn't really provide any useful information. Your download and upload speeds aren't really what contributes to your connection quality in this respect. 

If you right click on the game map and select "Toggle stats" you will see more relative information (as sam_pum said).




there are some spikes but ping is mostly around 180 ms

where are the servers located? 

i would expect having better ping playing on EU while living in greece.

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The servers are in Ireland, can you do a speedtest to a server in Ireland too? That red bar you see in the first screenshot will give you a slow connection issue at that time.


same speeds for the ireland servers, ping increases to 100-110

still the 180-190 in game isnt really justified

anyway, thanks for the help guys

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@ A_Bones. I also have sometimes slow connection issues, but this can be seen at the toggle stats when you have some lag spikes there. I experienced it that you realy start "lagging" around 100 ms(before it isn't that bad). If you have a good connection to the server, then there won't be any problem to have a good gameplay.

My graph of saturday evening(while tournament was played):



My time:

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Just change browser it will help. You cannot play in Chrome without lags anymore


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Is standalone- and maxthon browsers avalible on mac? Could someone send a link where I can download them?

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I used Google Chrome since i started this game. It works perfect


goldenfoxx1 wrote:

I used Google Chrome since i started this game. It works perfect