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G-master retirement

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G-master retirement

Hey guys and ladies ;D

First of all, this game ROX! :D

But still, after almost 6 months of awesome playing I've decided to stop playing for unlimited time cuz I got a lot of stuff to do in life, and having time to play only one game a week just to keep my 1st place is not what I consider as fair to other good players :)

So I decided to let my accounts (I'm sexy and I know it, G_master) alone and let lower its rank by rank decay - meaning after 1 month you can expect change on the 1st place ;) There will be a rough and tough battle for that 1st place as I can see on the rankings ;)

I'll play my last games on the tournament, hoping to win one more tournament ;)

So good bye guys and ladies, through those 6 months it was really fun, I also met a lot of in-game friends, I found this game SO good and addictive -> so I wish you good luck in quest  of securing 1st place ;)


Maybe I will come back one day and re-conquer first place again ;D

So see ya on the tournament! :D

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Clan: ADK

Good luck with stuff you have to do in life!

You could make another account to play once in a while without keeping the first place if you find the game so much fun?


ohh i think you are a legend in this game :) i hope you play some time a game and maybe vs me :)

monster biatch was here Wink

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oh man G, its a pity you stop playin, you were really the best player, but real life is of course much more important so good luck for PHD things and so on!!


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goodbye, and i hope one day we'll say: The legend is back! :)

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Nice for you to do real important stuff in life instead of sitting and playing an free internet flash game.



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well, bb then


unfortunately i couldnt manage to get the first rank before you left the game.

hopefully i see a room named "g_master's recovery" in a  few months.



Well then, i hope i will see on forum a topic named: G_Master is back! and yeah, real life is much more important than this game.I hope i will meet you again.



P.S-you are a legend of this game :)

Nice and easy Smile

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Clan: SW

Goodbye G


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Clan: MOD

Goodbye G, I am looking forward for your comeback :)


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Clan: LGS

Succes hope you have fun :)

Mlekolak (not verified)

Bye G :)

Clan: MODS

We will try harder to get you hooked again

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