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Future of CurveFever

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Future of CurveFever

~This thread is directed to Geert, but also open for ideas/opinions.~


"CurveFever 4"

As many of you know, Geert and the developers are planning a new game, as CurveFever 3 failed. I don't want another fail, so I want to discuss about some points here.


Working with the community

First thing I noticed, is that the developers only discuss this topic at the CurveFever 3 forum. When I see that you can't find the forum with googlesearch and that even most of the CurveFever 3 players don't know where to find it, this is clearly indicating that something is going wrong. A big problem of CurveFever 3 was, that the community got ignored and that the people disliked many things. Don't do this mistake again! If you want a successful game you need to involve all your players and not a hand full of players who read the CurveFever 3 forum.

You also linked a survey ingame for a few days to ask some general things, but most of the questions are just used for statistics and also the optional answers didn't always fit. I don't think that many people wrote constructive comments at the textfield.


Mainpoints of CurveFever 2 success

There are some things I thought about, when I asked myself what made CurveFever 2 a success before the downfall. I think I found 3 general mainpoints:

  • The simple game mechanics
  • The social aspect
  • The training-skill evolution

1. The simple game mechanics

CurveFever 2 is not hard to play. You have two keys for the directions, you have 25 powerups with different effects and you have the option to play alone or as team, depending on the game mode. If you crash with the wall or with another player you die and first who hits the needed points with 2 points difference is the winner. I think there is nothing more to explain.

The people who play(ed) CurveFever 2 like that a lot, because you don't need to learn a lot of stuff to play the game. You always have the same goal, the same mechanics and nothing that can influence this.

2. The social aspect

There is one thing that made CurveFever 2 great- the community!!! Over the time I've got to know a lot of different players and even if you had a bad day, they made you laugh and you came online once more, even if you didn't wanted to play the game. CurveFever 2 created hundreds and thousands of friendships. Many old players just came back, because they wanted to have some nice chats with old friends. Even low skilled players, who lose a lot had a lot of fun, because they enjoyed playing with friends and chatting with them.

Also you can't find any other game where fairplay was handled like at CurveFever 2. I've seen it so often that if one player got disconnected, that 3 players of the opponent team died at the next round, just because they wanted to do fairplay. Sadly you see this less often nowadays.

3. The training-skill evolution

Maybe some players see this point different, but I think this is something very important. CurveFever 2 was never a pay2win game. Everybody has always the same line and the same chance to win. Only thing that can help you win is your own skill. If you train hard you become better and better and there will never be an end. You can always get better at camping, speedcontrol, exact movement for really hard and smal ways. With enough training you can master anything. Also there is always the potential to create new unique gamemodes. The variation of different roomsettings has an infite amount of possibilities and this gives you always the chance to find your own favorite gamemode.

I think this is something that got lost at CurveFever 3, as you can buy better lines and older players always have a big advantage against new ones. As you can see, even now people prefer the laggy CurveFever 2 to CurveFever 3, because it has it's own special character.


As sum up we can say that there aren't so many things needed to make a game succeed.

When CurveFever 2 was published there was no other mode than FFA and the people still loved it. The system was working very good and later you added the teammode, which supported the social aspect and let the winnerspirit grew, as you wanted to get the best results for your team and match up with them as good as you can. But you just added new ideas, after the existing version was working successful and this also got lost at CurveFever 3.

When you are planning a new gameversion, you can always learn from the past. Start with simple gamemodes that were loved by the community and do work on problems that appeared. Build a game with good graphics, stable servers and add new ideas later. I think nobody will complain if you start "Curve Fever 4" just with FFA and later add team and other modes. Even if I prefer CurveFever 2 I also see a good potential for CurveFever 3 modes like Knockout. You need to realise that you only can start planning new stuff when you have a working system, or you risk a big disaster.

Geert, when you hopefully read our posts, just remember that we want the best for the game we love. We don't want to fight against you, we just want to help you to improve your game to make it an even bigger success. If you can't accept this and work on "Curve Fever 4" without the community, you will risk another fail and I don't know if you can face this.


Grewing game

When you start with a new game, you also have to use unused potential. I see that CurveFever has now over 20000 likes at Facebook and this isn't much for a game with so many players(even if the amount is shrinking now). Many smaler games have more attention on social media platforms. Sure watching a CurveFever game isn't the most interesting thing to do, if you haven't played it before, but you can still use the potential. If you check youtube, you will find some old tournament games with over 100000 views and this is a very good advertisement. If you organize your game at social media platforms you will earn more attention and potential new players see the game. More players would mean more income, as you can get higher donated adds and you can also sell more ingamecurrency/features/merchandise?!/...

If you host an official CurveFever -Youtube channel you would have a big place to advertise your game. You can upload there tournamentfinals, gametrailers, tutorials but also fanmade videos. If you remember or you have some very nice fanmade videos, which would be a very good advertisement at social media and you don't need to pay anything. You could start competitions like this and reward the winner, which would get you as result a free advertisement in exchange for some ingamestuff that doesn't cost you anything.

This are just some examples of unused potential that you could use to let CurveFever grew(again).

Before I write a whole novel now, I will end my post and wait for some feedback. Hopefully we can get a very nice new version from you Geert

ffa eu top 24%
team eu top 19%

I agree with you, WisePeopleSay! There is point inside your  text, I hope Geert will read it.

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Alrighty let me try and reply to you to clear some of your concerns.


Working with the community
Aside from developing the game I try to do a lot of community management.
In my opinion the voice of the community can be really helpful but as game developers you have to be aware how much you listen to the community.
First of all the vocal community (people on forums and social media) are only a very small part of the players (<5%).
And secondly every player has their own preferences and wants to design their own game so as game developers you have to make a game that works for all kinds of players.

We still try to get feedback on things we do and I hope we'll be able to do it much more for the new game.
From a player perspective I can totally understand that you wanna have full control on the game design but that's just not possible.
There are a lot of things we have to aim for which some times comes at the cost of simplicity, fun and other aspects.

Even though the majority of the vocal CF2 community really disliked CF3 when we launched it nowadays a lot of players have switched to CF3 and say that they like it quite a lot.
You can not always get what you want and you either have to adjust to that and accept or you complain about it.
If you accept it and play it for a while it might just turn out great and you will actually start to like it.
I'm sure there were also things in CF2 you didn't like when you started playing but after playing many games you are getting used to it and you won't care anymore and might even start to like it.


Mainpoints of CurveFever 2 success
I think everyone can agree on this that the game is such a success because the mechanics are simple but the possibilities with the simple mechanics are still endless.
There are many different strategies and each game is different which is why the game is so awesome.
We always try to keep this in mind while designing the game but some times it's just really hard to keep it simple.
The game is not only about gameplay mechanics and such there are many other aspects that we have to think about and there are goals that have to be reached for things such as monetization, retention and so on.
I think CF3 is also quite simple, yes it's a little less simple than CF2 but I don't think it's possible to make a successful game as simple as CF2. (I'll go in more depth about successful later)

Social aspect
Yup, this is a major thing in CF and we aim to make the new game also very social.
It should be easy to play with your friends, communicate and be part of the community.
Even though we have milions of players a lot of people know eachother and have become friends with eachother.
This is really amazing and I think a lot of our target audience likes social games so we must strive to make all the games we make very social.

Every game should have some way of skill to allow players to become better at the game over time.
I must partly disagree about the pay2win stuff for CF3.
Yes, you can buy better curves but you still have to be skilled enough to control those curves.
If a new player joins the game and pays some money to buy the best curves he won't be able to beat a player with the first curve that has been playing for months.
Of course if you have 2 players with the same skill/experience the stats of the curve can make a difference but by that time you would have already unlocked the better curves.

Successful game
I said something about successful game before and I have to go in a little more depth about that.
So to make a successful game there are a lot of aspects and goals.
It's not as simple as make a new CF2 which doesn't have lag, has better graphics and so on...
CF2 isn't successful enough as a game, the mechanics and gameplay might be very successful as a lot of players really like it and many players have/are playing it but there are many other things CF2 didn't do good enough and CF3 did even worse on some things.

Normally we avoid talking about money and stuff but I can't really avoid it in this case.
We have a game studio with several people working full time, everyone has to be paid and we have to pay for a lot of other things such as the office, game servers and so on.
Since we're a free to play game it's much harder to get enough income to pay for all those things.
We might have milions of players but only a very very small percentage of players pay money in free to play games.
We wanna avoid spamming people with advertisements because we know that nobody likes advertisements so the only source of income is from in game purchases.

For CF3 we had to design the game around this because with CF2 we just wouldn't be able to keep up with all the cost and we would have to shut everything down.
For CF4 it's going to be the same thing as CF3 wasn't a success so we have to design a much better game.
It simple can't be a CF2 or CF3 clone because we won't be able to keep up and have to stop.
It's a big risk making a new version of the game but we believe we can make a fun CF game that can be successful and luckily we're not the only ones.
We've hired a new game designer all the way from the US who has many years of experience in designing games so that should really help up out in making that perfect CF version.

We really hope that everyone will stick with us and have some trust in us as game developers.
No, we're not gonna make the game you've been expecting, it'll still be CF but it won't be the CF you know.
Again, it just doens't work out if we make the same CF as 2 or 3 because those aren't successful enough to keep the company running.
We try to stick as much as we can with the core mechanics of CF and try to keep all the good things of CF in the new version with the help of the community but we must experiment with new things and we must change things around.