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Hey People !

Actually I would like to adress this message to the moderators, to the developpers and to GEERT himself.
Is there a future for cf2 ? I mean, future update ? Is it a totally forgotten game or will you do something for improve the game more and more and in this case we have several idea (like the 2v2v2v2 mode ! ).

If it's not planned, do you consider to make cf2 an OPEN SOURCE, and maybe let the fans , the players try to do something to improve it ?

I mean, some people like I are still paying prenium for this game but there is no improvment and we refuse to let the game die now.

I hope Geert, you will take the time to answer to this because I think it's a important question that a lot of players are asking.

Best Regards !


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If you want to address it to somebody, Geert is the right person(mods are not connected to updates and devs do what Geert tells them to do). At the moment Geerts whole focus belongs to CurveFever3 and I guess this won't change(at the next months).

I guess if they are working again at CurveFever2, it will just be some general work to make it a final version of CurveFever2.



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And How do we contact Geert personally ? Smile

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At the past I noticed it is the most effective way to contact another person to get throught to Geert. As example a developer or his nephew like shown here: . As example I have wrote him directly at skype at 11.12.2016 and again at 13.01.2017 that he should change some stuff, as It's still showing at several forumparts that they are managed by Alan and me and that the tribunal is not wroking for longer time(because it's still using old domain = not working since middle of august). Last time I heared of him, was when the mailsystem had some issues and as example you couldn't reset your password anymore because of this. As it was a "gamebreaking issue"(in that case = people who didn't remember old pw and wanted new one couldn't play with their accounts) he fixed it, but I doubt that he will react on minor stuff or even add new features untill they have done several things at CurveFever3.



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I guess you should just wait Geert to see this so he could respond to you.

But you can try discord although it may take some days before he responds to you

you know, developers are very busy with cf3 and all 

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We have no plans to work on CF2 anymore.

If we would continue development of CF2 then it would have been better if CF3 wasn't made.
There was a good reason to start on a new project though (mainly Flash).

  • Flash is no longer supported by most browsers so the game isn't very accessible anymore.
  • Flash has lot of bugs that cause issues in the game which can't be fixed.
  • It's a massive project with a bunch of code and it's just hard to add features or fix things in general.

Some might argue that we should have first made CF3 like CF2 and then add features to it.
I wasn't working for CF at the time these decissions were made but I can understand that Geert just wanted to create something new with different game concepts.
The core gameplay mechanics of CF3 are still the same as CF2 and since the release we've improved a lot of things in CF3 to make it more like an improved version of CF2 but we still have a long way to go to improve the game more.

We're only with 2 developers though, so it's just not worth it to work on two games even if there weren't any other reasons.
I personally don't have access to the source code of CF2 and I wasn't involved in anything related to CF2.
Geert might still fix a few things some times but it's quite unlikely and it must be really important for him to fix it.

Even if I had the source I would first have to get around the code which is gonna take quite a bit of time I assume so it's not really worth it for me either to get involved in it.
If I was involved in the project from the start I probably wouldn't mind fixing some things and adding small features over time in my spare time but this is not the case.

You must understand that Geert is the product owner and he's usually quite busy with managing everything.

TL;DR We're busy with CF3 and this is the main version of the game now.
CF2 is outdated and not very accessible anymore.
We don't have the time and people to continue development of CF2 so don't expect fixes or new features.

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CF2 is abandoned by the developers because it's outdated and there is a new version (CF3) of the game based on a more modern technology. Therefore, CF2 won't improve ever again and slowly die out until no one plays it anymore and the player base left the game to play CF3. I assume the game will get closed when we reach this point because there is no profit to be made anymore and it's a waste of money to pay for the servers. That's most likely the future of CF2. The only question is how long it will take. If enough players continue to pay for premium every month then it could survive a little longer than expected.