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The future of cf2

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The future of cf2

Hi all,


Since cf3 is out, the rumor going around that cf2 probably goes down after the last tournament.

Dear Geert, I guess I am speaking for all cf2 users (who don't like cf3, just as me): If you really are planning this, you please be aware that a large part (perhaps the majority) of your loyal players will leave and thereby dissolves not only a great game, in smoke.. also the many friendships which have arisen by cf, will probably get lost, easy because the contact will blow away like wind ...


My suggestion:

I know that the cf3 rollout takes a lot of time.. the bugfixes, new game modes, etc.. but after finishing that, wouldn't it be nice to invent some ideas of cf3 (like the chat), so just design specific changes, into cf2, with some bugfixes etc.?


Tell why me


PS: Did you win the Dutch Gaming Award? B)



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We have mentioned this on the forum already, the game will remain available to play as long as there are enough players to sustain it. 

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Hello! :) Alan...and what about mentioned the suggestion above, we need a true an answer on it... ?

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There's no game breaking bugs, I highly doubt that much further work will be done on CF2.

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There is sadly no business point in improving CF2. Remember that they have to pay their developers so the poor Rojoss can eat.

I think small improvements will be made step by step until CF3 feels like home "again".

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The future of cf seems to be next:

cf3 is worse so no much new players will come.

cf2 will have much less advertisement as older version - so no new players, only old. E.g. I have never played cf1.


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I hope there will be enough players to sustain cf2! Its the one I can play at the moment compared to cf3.

Please keep it alive!! I thoroughly enjoy this one since 2014!

Happy Curving~~