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Freezing game (no lags)

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Freezing game (no lags)

Hi, after a huge break of curve fever, i recently started to play again. I used to play a lot, but i didn't know why i decided to stop.

And today i know.

I love playing this game, it's really addictive and no matter if i i win of loose im having a great time. Playing curve fever everyday is part of my routine. But....

My pleasure to play is ruinned every game.
Indeed, my screen is freezing during 1 seconds and it happends like every 30 seconds. Its nothing but it make me crash and mad a lot. I don't think im lagging, my connection is clean and i don't have any warning of slow connection.

Please help this is really annoying T_T


This sounds like an adobe flash player problem. So I’d try to reinstall adobe flash player, don’t know if it will work but it is worth a try :)

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If on browser, try not to have more than 1 tab open and if on flash don’t have browser open.


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That’s a pity Coouurtis! :( You can also try change your browser.

For me CF is the smoothest with Internet Explorer (no joke xD), i also get freezes when I am on Chrome for example.

Let me know if you still got freezes, then I will try to find some other solutions.

Greetings and love,

sam_pum <3


My name is Jeff.

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