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fps drop

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fps drop


I have some problems with fps drop on my laptop

As you can see on this pictrure, its really looks bad. Sometimes, its falls to 1fps...

Sometimes I have 17-20ms and that is insane..

I've tryed to play on: Opera, Chrome and SRWare Iron, and this oic was taken on SRWare Iron, for me, that was the best browser until few days ago,

I've had to instal new Windows, cos on some way I had 2 Windows instaled on my laptop..

And when I instaled new one, and when i tryed to play again, this has happen to me..

When I play on main PC, I dont have lags like this, actually I dont have lags, well maybe little bit, but its playable ofcourse...

Maybe I did something wrong  when instaled new Windows, or maybe I have to do something.. 

Laptop is: HP ProBook 4515s

Please help me if you maybe know what can I do with this..

Thank You!


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arion 240,

I suggest testing other games that require Flash Player to see if your FPS has similar issues. If so, then it is definitely something wrong with the running of graphics on your laptop. I've not seen anything that "bad" in a long while in terms of FPS. Also, I recommend trying to use the NPAPI plugin of Flash player (the default is PPAPI on Chrome). See here: