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focusing and teaming in ffa

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focusing and teaming in ffa

my last game all of them focusing me and teaming on me so pls ban them this cant be true this game is like 5 years old and it anyway full of teamer and cheater in ffa


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hey AYisGOD, 

as in every other game too, there will always be teamkillers... nothing can change that, but we really want to help you, to have more fun at this game. Therefore, we need your help...

Please give us information about:

- their account name

- when did it happen?

- how many times did they focus on you?

- do you have some screenshots or records, that you could send us? 

Without those informations, we can't do anything here... so pls be aware of taking some screenshots, or recording the game when it happens again. 


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Dear AYisGOD,

Meechy Darko is right. Please try to do it like this next time:

Kind regards

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