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Fix your lag - 2 main causes

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Fix your lag - 2 main causes

Hello guys i saw game is empty which should mean 0 lag to everyone, but most of you manage to lag even more. So what you need to do to stop lag.

Blame geert? No

Servers are actually great, but people with lack of brain power are controlling this game.

I take player gittymitty as example, he used wi-fi for playing this game. Him crying about teleporting opponent countdown number is between 100-1000

Which is hilarious not only you will lag but you make all room lag

Why all room will lag cause one player you may ask?

Geert was crying one day that this game was for 3v3 not 4v4

So actually story is hillarious When player on wi-fi makes kill or does hard turn he creates 10-20 snake lines which are not able to see for human eye so 4v4 can turn into 15 v 15 and you may die cause that one player with wi-fi Lets say Gittymitty he made server handle 15v15 for a split second

Things you blame in that moment

1 Your brother watching prnography

2Your Internet


The one you actually need to blame is Gitty in this situation

So next time think twice when you let player from USa to your team, they have their own server.

Ok now i give quick fix for laptop users

three easy steps

1 Erase files from hdd, daily if you have it overload.

2 Use basic Ccleaner Once

3 Intel>Rm click> Graph.Prop change it to max performance- no battery life

Refresh laptop three times cause its a real setting change not just some word file text change

Use max performance as last tip because ccleaner will erase this setup of max Perfrormance.


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I have TERRIBLE lagz now and IT IS because of Geert. And this is not first time. He should refund me my points. I am -42 after last game of huge lagz.