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Fix the gamemode and colors

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Fix the gamemode and colors

Hello !

I have to say 2  things which really needs to be fixed. I would like you to repair the basic gamemode as it was before with only this items :

Why? Becouse this are basic items. And when someone who is premium joins the game you get :

This is not basic anymore... but you still need to play with this special items and if you got the achievment or buyed the next 10 items you also need to play with them. 

That's stupid. Just make the basic gamemode with basic items and special gamemode with 15 more items. Playing 1v1 on scalle with new items is just sick.

Second thing: 

Everytime when you join as unpremium and you buyed the special colors you get it everytime when you join the room. I figured out that playing with normal colors : Yellow, red, pink, orange, green, dark green, blue, teal is much better for me personally. I'm really pissed off when everytime when i join i get the white color and then i can't change it ( i'm talking about ffa ) in team it's a little easier with team switch button. When i tried to fix that in my account setting i have only 2 "preferred colors" white and rainbow 

When i change the preffered color to rainbow i have the same problems which i had with white color. That would also reduce the number color bugs ( bug when a player who didn't buy the color can play with it ).


Third thing:

It would be nice that before you open/send a new topic/post on forum, you could preview how the topic/comment looks like.

Kind regards 



Yeah.. take care about 2nd thing. It was annoying for me also.


first idea is gooood