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Final FFA8 Thin

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Final FFA8 Thin

Ok so keyword is FFA8 Thin. Since the FIRST round Aspen'. got "hacked" I guess, since everyone assumes this (which is so weird that's normal but ok). So me and other players said to just play FFA7 scaled or FFA8 with cuz it was OBVIOUSLY the best thing to do in that situation, but the game went on and it was really boring and i started making big camps or attacking randomly and in the end dual camping (which is actually pretty efficient, but still i understand its not the fairest thing to do), and got kicked, and then other 2 players left, leaving the room as a FFA3 fullmap game. everyone wants to play a fair and fun final, FFA7 fullmap is a lot about spawn and luck, even my mom knows it, so i dont get why should it be fair to play like that. Yes it is said "no bugs lags blabla" in the tour rules, but 1) how is getting hacked a bug or lag, and also this is not a fking professional sport, its  made for fun, ask the players what to do, ask the finalist, if more say it has to be replayed just replay it, if not not and give Pleiades something. Also of course i'd play seriously in a normal final, i just got bored, so started playing randomly, which actually should be allowed but ok. I dont get how hard it was to make anohter room and replay the final, or help arrow with his problems. Just listen to the players, not do what ever you want, its stupid in a system like cf2 where there are like 100 good active people. Have fun :-)

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I have a question. Why I got slows every round in this tour? I came to play a good tournament with a high ambitions but I dont really know what happend there. I had NEVER slows before (and I play really long time already) and I am pretty sure I wont have slows anymore if I play now. Also I made sure my connection was perfect and there wasnt any other app open which could effect the game. Can someone explain me what the hell was going on??

Btw I didnt see what really happend in the final but by reading Pugs post I think it should be replayed, anyway now its too late.

Note: I would like to play another thin FFA tournament soon (without these problems).

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How is it even possible to get "hacked" on this game?

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Hi guys, My opinion:

It seems unfair to the players that we tried to make a good tournament to get the title what happened yesterday. I understand that it is boring to play with one less since it leaves a lot of space in the field. I would sanction that player who leaves the final once started. or play on scaled.


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This whole """hacking""" running gag is going too far. I feel like not everyone is in on the joke.
It's nothing more than a joke.

If I understand it right and someone started teaming in the final they obviously should get kicked and not be suprised about that. Just like there should be a punishment for leaving a finals game with the intention of sabotaging the whole match.

But yes maybe it would have been the better choice to restart with FFA7 scaled but I didn't see the match so I can't really say much about the situation.


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R4W1L wrote:

but I didn't see the match so I can't really say much about the situation.



My time:

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The worst final ever.

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We have decided that we will not redo the final. We have reviewed the entire final stream. Out of that we have concluded that some people misbehaved, broke rules and eventually there was confusion during the final with some people leaving. We have talked about this is in the moderator team and reviewed the situation with developers to be sure.

The result of this review is different for each problem.

  • People that misbehaved have gotten an official warning for their behaviour and their accounts will be monitored further to be sure they will not misbehave in the future. You can read more about this here
  • We noticed that there was teaming, action has been taking against the people teaming
  • We have reviewed the situation and there was no hacking involved during the tournament.
  • People that left did this on their own terms.

To conclude, we have taken action where needed and other factors did not influence the situation or atleast not worthy to do a rematch. That means the results of the final are still valid and will be used to determine who won.

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