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Farewell Modteam, I love you all!

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Farewell Modteam, I love you all!

Hi all c: 

Some of you may know me as a Community Moderator of CF, some may not even know me at all :P But, the title says it all: I will step out of the moderator team.

 I made this decision because I just don’t have the time anymore to combine everything, but I sure will miss you all. 

You will see me pass by in games sometimes, but not as a Community Mod anymore. Just Skeilah. ;)

Happy curving!


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That's a pity reading this. Thank you for all the effort you have put into moderating this game with us. We will miss you. Good luck for the future and hopefully we will still meet each other in game! ;)


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Skeilah, It was a blessing to have you in the team. Thank you for putting your time and effort in making the community a better place. It is always sad to see someone leave, but I wish you all the best! Better stay around so I can rek you haha

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