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Exhibition 'Indievelopment'

Hey Curvers,

About two weeks ago we attended a gaming event called ‘Indievelopment’. Indievelopment is a gaming exhibition where gaming companies come together and show people the games they are currently working on.

People can try out all the different games shown at the event and give their feedback to the developers. But this wasn’t the only thing Indievelopment had to offer. There also were known people from the gaming industry who gave presentations and shared their knowledge about gaming. 1.jpg

Our team also set up a booth for Curve Fever and showed Curve Fever to everyone who passed by. This was the first time for us to attend such an event and we had a great time doing it! We met a lot of fans, introduced people to Curve Fever and had cool conversations with other game developers.

We learned a lot from the crowd, the presentations and other developers. The conversations also led to some new exciting idea’s and improvements for our game, which you will see in the future! We’ll let you know when we will attend our next event so we can meet you there :)

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