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ESL Cup Ideas!

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ESL Cup Ideas!

Hey guys/girls

We (ESL if you don't know who I am :P) are making new cups and we would like to know what type of cups you would like to play. We have already done 3 1on1 cups with same rules, so it would make sense to change the rules a bit, even though we are limited to what we can actually change :d we would still like to know if you guys prefer playing with or without power ups, and what size map you prefer to


Size: 1on1

Map: normal

Powerups: off

Mode: ffa/team



hey, I have a question I lately signed up for the 1on1 esl cup but i wasn't in the cup so my question is why wasn't i in the cup??

(cause i propably would have won :D)

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I think team cups are the best. But if you are asking for 1v1, i like the way it is now :)

Maybe you will need to consider making 2v2 or 3v3 league ;)


Regards, podpli

Searching for clan Smile

Pa si malo reko