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Ecks Dee wins the October Tournament!

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Ecks Dee wins the October Tournament!

We have a new champion!

Congratulations to Ecks Dee for winning the Red Speed FFA tournament of this month! Yossha tried assiduously to catch up on him, but he was never in real danger of losing his lead. Third place goes to Crozzi.. Good job for your first championship Ecks Dee! 

Next month's tournament will be the last team tournament! It's going to be 4v4 thin. We intend to keep tournaments going until December. There will also be a new CF3 tournament on its way so stay tuned.

 Best Regards,

~Tournament moderators

 (Remember: We look for a new tournament moderator, who will help me create awesome schedules!) We also look for a streamer, since Julia will stop streaming as well.

Thanks for all the amazing schedules you have made, miaonaise! <3

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4v4 thin *_____________*

Jeff <3
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so that means there will be no cf2 tournaments anymore after december 2016(I also mean clan tournaments)?

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arnesven0 wrote:

so that means there will be no cf2 tournaments anymore after december 2016(I also mean clan tournaments)?

miaonaise wrote:

No more regular monthly tournaments for CF2 after December, hopefully some regular tournaments in CF3!

This means that there won't be a tournament each month anymore as we were used to, but they will still 'try' to create CurveFever2 tournaments. It's depending on the tournament mod(s), how much time they have/spend for CurveFever2.

For the clantournaments, I can tell you that there is no announcement that they will be stoped. I know jezevec was waiting with some updates untill CurveFever3 got released(and he will probably try to implement clans to it aswell), to see the left importance for CurveFever2, but that doesn't mean that the participation of clans at CurveFever2 will be stoped. At the moment the activity at the clanwebsite is quite low(highest clan 1422-record 2,2k+, clans with less than 10 games at top 50, sometimes several days without clanwars - 27.-29.09, last tournaments always with <32 sign ups, ....), so it won't be hard to keep the tournaments running(as long as enough clans sign up). The schedule/result system is automated(if matches are played) and the sign up threads can be easily done with copy and paste and smal edits(also works for normal CurveFever2 tournaments).



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I'm quite disappointed that there won't be as many tournaments as there used to be after December. From my understanding, not many people are needed to host tournaments. I just fail to understand why there can't be around 5 people giving up their time at the end of each month to organise a tournament for a few hours. I am sure many people would love to help and I am also sure many people would love to be moderators and contribute to the game. Why is it that because cf3 was released, gaming experience in cf2 has to be ruined a bit? Geert himself said they don't need to work on cf2 as much anymore and they're focusing on cf3. Then why not get a few people to help set up tournaments? A clan and official tournament, doesn't take up a lot of time and as we can see many players take part in these tournaments and WANT to take part. Why? Beause it's a tradition.

Congrats ecks dee for winning your title.

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Gz Ralf, 
I am so proud of you. You deserve to win. 
You had a great final of this tournament. * - *

The Godfather <3

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Ty Szymon <3.