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Double Coins for Premiums

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Double Coins for Premiums

Hi, Now that games are free and no one has to pay the 20 coins to play. Everyone premium or not get the same number of coins after the game. I don't see the point of being a premium now except for tournaments
I am not saying nonpremiums shouldn't get coins no it's actually better that way that the rooms don't cost the 20 coins anymore coz that was annoying but it's only fair that premium should get double the coins they usually recieve. I have to wait for monthes to save for a color and if I'm Nonpremium I have to wait the exact number of Monthes. So much for "be premium be awesome" ;)
what I'm saying is just to consider doubling the coins recieved after a game for Premiums and thank you :D 

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Totally agreed.

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And what about the players with 10k or even more games? They already have thousands of coins and nothing left to buy. They won‘t add new colors, items or icons anymore, so why panic? You got some time left till flash won’t be supported anymore, so you got enough time to collect coins. Be happy that you still got a reason to collect coins.



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You also don't have to pay 500 coins to be able to host a premium game, when there are no other premium rooms. That's a huge advantage of being premium.