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Don't let your account get stolen!

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Don't let your account get stolen!

We've been getting reports from users whose accounts get stolen. How or why you might ask? Well, because those users entrusted someone else with their login information. Currently, there are specific users out there who ask for login information so they can "buy you items". This is always false, and always too good to be true. The perpetrators will simply opt to change your login information and keep your account to themselves.

If your account gets stolen because someone has obtained your login information and changed it afterwards, there's not much we can do to help you. So, protect yourself, never give out your personal (login) information and don't trust those who as for it.

Here are a few tips to stay your on your toes:

* If anyone offers to buy you something, it's always too good to be true.
* Never, EVER, give ANYONE your login credentials or/and personal information.
* If you feel your account might be compromised, IMMEDIATELY change your password.
* Use a password manager to generate strong passwords and keep them safe, such as LastPass, 1Password or KeePass.

Stay safe, have fun :)