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Discussion about Unofficial Tournament conditions

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Discussion about Unofficial Tournament conditions
Yes, I agree that conditions are needed
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Nope, all is fine
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So I belong to the group of CurveFever players who are very active at the forum and I'm little bit pissed off with the situation as it is now. I check the forum every day and found the last two days at off-topic section 4 posts(3 new of them) which are connected to unofficial "tournaments". But for everybody who takes a closer look at this and was also active at the past, it's clear that this is more or less a joke. I mean those "tournaments" organized by Boss'.(Jaan Otter) are simply normal matches, where somebody announced to play a certain setting at a set time. Usually nobody or very few people comment there and >90% of the players who participate are friends of the host or randomly join the room at this time. If you check it out, you'll see that it's announced just a few hours(or even less) before the "tournament" starts and that there is absolutly nothing(in my opinion) about that which could be called tournament. The only thing I see are several new topics who spam the forum and push away topics containing usefull content or topics which have atleast a meaning(Selfietopic, Nice Ways, ...).

Because of the forumspam and the pointless announcement of normal matches(this is not a tournament) I would like to request conditions for competitions to be called "tournaments".

If I check out the forum for unofficial tournaments, I find very good examples which really deserved to be called tournaments, as example: 96 participants + prizes + announced 3 weeks before + very structured + well organized 48 participants + announced 2 weeks before + very structured + well organized (same for 2nd 2v2v2v2 tournament which even had prizes) 93 participants + big prizes + announced more than 2 weeks before + very structured + well organized 181 participating players + prizes + announced long time before + very structured + well organized

I could list a lot more, but I think you got what I mean. Those tournaments were well organized, announced long time before, had a lot of participating players, most of them had prizes and they had a clear structure and organisation.

So my suggestion for future tournaments would be the following:

- announcement atleast 10 days before it is going to be played

- should have atleast 40 players*

The goal of this is to decrease the spam at the forum with useless topics and to encourage the hosts of tournaments to do a good organisation.


How do you think about this idea? Do you agree with me? Would you want to add something or change some details of my suggestions? Or are you completly against this idea?

Looking forward to your comments.

Greetings (and good night ;) ) NOWODNY2


* (usually you need prizes to get a lot of players to play tournaments or you get a very good organisation which leads users to play this tournament)


'' The goal of this is to decrease the spam at the forum with useless topics...''
We're talking about Jaan here, teach him how to use forum and everything will be fine... there were some great tournaments with less than 40 players and I would like to play some more of course... 
etc. there was 'balcan tournament' like year ago, with less than 40 players but it was still one of my best tournaments :) 
If it's impossible to teach him this things maybe just don't allow him to make more topics...Or give him one topic where he can make his tournaments...

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My point is the organisation and some "standards". If I see "tournament" at the title, I want to find a tournament there which has a good organisation, clear structure and something to encourage the people to play it(Not just friends+random joins without signup, but encourage everybody to be part of it). But if I see a topic which announces that a game starts 15 min later, don't see any signups and see random people at the room of the host, I don't call this a tournament and complain about good topics which are moved to the bottom of the page.



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It's Jaan's right to post these things. It's in off-topic. Tournaments that have 10 day waiting times take forever. I think it's great that Jaan can give some people something to play for within 24 hours, which is something the CF team rarely offers.

Don't piss Jaan off just because you want to use the active topics section on the forum every day :s

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Ty Alan! :)

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Actually I would agree with Alan since I thought a long time about Jans """Tournaments""" the same way.
Even when I never played in one.
imo at least he tried to organize something and motivate people to check the forums. And there (almost) weren't any other unoffical tournaments, so it was great that at least someone is doing at least something.

This way of thinking changed after I participated at one of his tournaments myself. It was a 2v2v2v2 tournament in april. I was playing with nina, and tbh it was a lot fun. (most likely because at that time there were barely any 2v2v2v2 rooms)

Since there were only 14 participants, there were only 2 rounds: half final and final.
When Jan became last with his teammate (BrainrAge on a 2nd acc) and didnt make it to the finals, he tried to disqualify someone just to play himself at the finals. When everyone said he should just accept that he lost, he got so mad that he seriously deleted the tournament topic and google document.

He shouldn't even be able to use the word "tournament" in his forum topic names. 

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HAHAHAHAHA...OMFG Jaan WTF ''Got so mad he deleted tournament topic and google doc...'' xDDDD *ROFL* *lol* *ROFL* *lol*

I don't have a signature... *dirol*