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Hi all,

Today we have our own development blog! Time for a party at the office. Now what to write about? mmmmmmooh...

Last week we asked you to participate in our survey, and so you did. We are currently processing the results, but one of the questions was about:

Would you like to know more about what the developers are doing?

The result is clear: stats_news.png

60% of you wants to know more about what we are doing! Great.

Then we asked you:

What would you like to know?


Clearly we can see that there is no personal interest in our lives. Only 16% of the respondents are interested in us, personally. So we are not going to bore you with stories about our private lives. We only want to answer one question which was asked in the other category of the same question:

What are your breakfast times? - Geert: at 8:00 - HeLiX WaVe: at 8:30 - zeroZshadow: at 7:00

What you would like to know, though, are fun facts, with statistics and that kind of stuff (76%). So that's what we do right now!

The other requested subject is Development progress (72%). Luckily we also feel like we want to share this with you. Sometimes we have nice ideas, or just want to share how things are going with the game, and currently this is kind of difficult. We will definitely write about this.

So that's why we made this blog. To give an insight for the outside world. To have a peek in what's going on at the offices of Curve Fever. We will try to post funny, smart or interesting post, ranging from a wide variety of topics: from development, statistics, bug fixes and wise thoughts. At least once a week, one of us will post a new blog post and we hope you will enjoy reading it. Subscribe to our blog and keep up to date!



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