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Dev blog: tweaks and improvements

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Dev blog: tweaks and improvements

Hi guys,


It  is so cool to see all your ideas in the feedback and bugs section. We really read them regularly to see what is the most wanted features in the game.


The upcoming week the holiday action will start! More on how it will work in another blog post :)


As for the other things we are working on, we are working on a lot of smaller features, being:

  • Retina support
  • Matchmaking in arena games
  • Save settings online (not in a cookie)
  • Profanity filter
  • Put Custom games as an option for new players on login
  • Give lag to the laggers, instead of to the rest of the players. This means that input from a player that is delayed too much, will be accepted by the server, but by a maximum delay. 


Furthermore we have a friends list in the pipeline, as well as that we will iterate over the rankings design as we gather more and more feedback on what works well and what doesn't.