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Dev blog: Holiday action!

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Dev blog: Holiday action!

Dear players,

Welcome to our biweekly update of what we are working on! Remember you can always reread our work in the changelog at



The biggest update is, off course, the rankings! You can now battle to get in the highest leagues possible: The Grandmasters. You can read more about the rankings on 

The main features of the system are:

  • Every player gets a ranking that shows its skill and how much they have played in the game
  • 7 leagues that you can climb: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Masters and Grand masters
  • Seasons. Every 2 months a new season will start. The results of a season that has ended are saved in your profile.
  • A leaderboard for the top 100 players that are in the grand masters league 

Expect that we will tweak the system more in the upcoming months. Don't expect that for the upcoming weeks though, as we have other plans for that (read what below). 


Refund popup

Sometimes you payed to enter arena 2 or 3 and the game can't load for you. It seemed to the player that they had then lost the coins for entering the arena. We now fixed this by giving the player a choise what he wants to do. Do you want to join the game anyway, or do you want to get a refund and try another arena game? This way it is more clear to the player what is happening with their entry


Text rendering

Text is now crystal sharp on all displays (Hoozah!). It is a big change and we might have missed a few places where the text might look awkward. Please tell them to us


Knockout for 8 players

More players, more fun! Also we implemented some better looking art


And more, all the changes that we worked on the last 2 weeks can be found in our changelog at


Whats next?

So what will we be working on in the upcoming 2 weeks? For you guys, the most visible features that we will work on are:

  • Password reset. Finally you can reset your password, if you forgot it.
  • A new feedback site. we want to hear from you what you would like to suggest for Curve Fever. Therefor we are creating a new feedback community site
  • Push the standalone version of the game more. We want the players to know that there is a standalone version of the game, that runs super smooth. The standalone is already available for windows users on 


But most importantly we are going to work on a secret holiday event!