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Decreasing 1v1 rank

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Clan: DAJS
Decreasing 1v1 rank

Hi, can someone explain why my 1v1 rank decreased, even though I haven't been playing lately?

Clan: KOLL

Geert wrote:

Rank decay and point inflation/deflation

We want to promote playing weekly, and don't want inactive people to show up at the top of the charts. Therefor there is a rank decay. Every week you don't play, you will lose 1% of your points, untill you are at the medium level. Notes: (ffa: play against ranked gamers, team: play in ranked games). This calculation is done per game mode. These points will be spread evenly among all the active players. To prevent point inflation or deflation, there will be a weekly calculation to see if there are too many or too few points overall. The difference will be evened with all active players.



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Yeah, i really like this ;)

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Clan: DAJS

Oh now I understand, thanks ;)

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Yes, there are several topics about that, like this one :
That's why this topic is now closed.

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