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December tournament - WHEN?

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December tournament - WHEN?
Saturday 19th December
42% (14 votes)
Sunday 27th December
39% (13 votes)
Saturday 2nd January
18% (6 votes)
Total votes: 33

Yo peepz,

We have a dilemma! The last Saturday of the month is the 26th of December. This isn't really a good date for a tournament. So we have 3 options for you to decide when the December tournament will be held.

The poll will close on Sunday :)

The tournament is an all-round one btw. So it will have team games, FFA games and 1v1 matches.



ffa america top 2%
team america top 36%
Clan: Rock


It's really important that a lot of people vote, so that we have a accurate and complete view of when everybody is available for the tournament! More people, more fun ofcourse 


27th pls

Clan: Jeff

Why a voting? this basically means if it will be held on sunday 27th i.g. that the ones that voted on other days won't be able to play. 

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Clan: Blub

It can only be held on one day. Some will be able to play, some will not. That's the point of the vote.

The poll finished and the tournament will be on the 19th. I'll get the sign-up topic up this afternoon.

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