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Death-Note wins second official December tournament!

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Death-Note wins second official December tournament!


In this post, I want to congratulate Death-Note for winning the Allround tournament which was held last Sunday. Dark Rage finished second, Run. 3rd, sest was 4th, Nightbreed 5th, Test subject 6th and 7th place was shared by Pancake' and SnajpeK-. I also want to apologise for not explaining clearly how I would get final's items. I did not do that cause I thought someone would abuse the system to get their favourite items so I decided to be as random as possible. Finals can be found from these links: 1) , 2) Thanks to Shenn' and Freakout for recording the final! Now, it is time for 2 team tournaments in row - first tournament of January will be a 4 vs. 4 Green Corner tournament and second tournament of January will be a 4 vs. 4 Red Speed + Green Eraser tournament!

See you there!


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Another 2nd acc... gz I guess

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Really Luckyralf? Death-Note the best! Gz! <3

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nice Roxüüüüü

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oh finals were red items. I am best in that. this would have been easy for me. alas i missed it :(