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Death-Note boosting in FFA // ranksaving in team

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Death-Note boosting in FFA // ranksaving in team

hey, actually i was too lazy to make the topic but i want to support this one:

really nice video Smile gj!

death-note also boosted in ffa games to get into last battle top 32

accused player: death-note

helpers: destiny.' // arrow. // juo chiou (that's arrow.)

since i can't access to whole history of death-note anymore, just check this one: or juo chiou (arrow.')

every game was played with death-note, and destiny.' is a second account of her. destiny.' never ended up better than 4th place, cause helped death-note.

tbh, i didn't take so many screens but everyone who was in room knows they always team.

arrow. (pink) going next to walls, giving his whole space to death-note

destiny.' going into wall, giving space to death-note

morpheus' goes into wall like 2-3 rounds, leading with many points, gives a free win to arrow. // so he's also a helper of them lol.

---> btw, i wonder why ninaballerina & vito.... got disqualified from last battle when death-note behaves same? all of them three ranksaved. i've never seen death-note play in high-ranked team games without her buddy bloodred. she's always using 2nd accounts when he isn't online -> eternity' // destiny.' // etc, idk how many accs she has.

isn't it then fair to disqualify this player too when there are already two topics (1v1 boost & mine) showing how she boosted?

i also want to quote mister Bloodred again:

"The last battle for FFA is a total joke .. biggest disgrace .. outcome was a failure."

i guess it will be a total failure again when a booster in all three rank categories is allowed to play in two of them which were both clearly boosted, or?

have a nice day all. Smile

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Dear Hard Drop,

thank you for your report.
All cases belonging to the 'Last Battle' were worked out internal, especially by Destin. and Meechy Darko.
The screens are not showing enough proof to take further actions from my side.

Kind regards

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