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Dead on Nothing

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Dead on Nothing

It seems we are many players to have experienced the death on absolutely nothing. No pixel visible on screen, and BAM, you die... :'(


If you also see other curves overlap each other after dying, it's

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A similar bug is already existing in CurveFever2. The reason for the bug there, is that somebody is having huge lags and it is showing at some point a wrong turn. This will lead to a situation, where the game has 2 different saves for one line. The actual correct line which is drawn by the lagging player is also shown for him/her and continues on a normal way, but for the other players(+specs) a turn of the lagging line is longer or shorter, so they see a bugged line, which is turned arount the point where the lagging player had some harder coonnection issues. This results to the bug, that all players except the lagger see a different movement and crash into the correct postion of the lagging line.
Maybe the basics of the CurveFever3 bug are the same.



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That's probably the reason. However it seems to happen much more frequently in CF3 and I've never seen it in CF2. It is interesting however that multiple curves are drawn wrong.

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If you still have these kind of issues after the new update I just pushed let me know.
I've fixed a lot of issues that could cause these desync bugs.

And no, it has nothing to do with other players lagging. (it shouldn't at least)