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Dat Spadow is in da hood

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Dat Spadow is in da hood

Hello guys,

I thought it was a good time to introduce myself. I am bored and writing this while uploading a video.

So here you go!

I am Spadow, already played curvefever 2 for about 5 months and started with the oldschool curvefever 1 version.

We used to play curvefever 1 in our computer science lessons all the time. When curvefever 2 was released we were able to play while hanging out on different computers. (curvefever tournaments over the whole classroom ftw :3)

I live in germany and currently visiting the high school in Lower Saxony.  In my freetime I hang out with friends, play football or games like minecraft or curvefever. I am also interested in web programming.


That's it. My video is done. If you got any questions, don't be shy and sorry for my bad english.


See ya ingame!



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Hi Spadow!

Nice you used to play during science lessons. Got your teacher convinced to play as well ?

Lead Designer-Programmer for Curve Fever