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CurveRadio needs your advice!

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CurveRadio needs your advice!


Indeed, CurveRadio needs your advice.

The entire CurveRadio team is willing to interact more with the CF community on every way possible. We did notice that our previous times reaching out didn't really change anything.


With this post we are going to ask why you are not listening, when you would start listening and how we can make this possible! When giving us suggestions please be aware your suggestion must be possible/reachable and not unprofessional such as trolling suggestions.

We're looking forward to hear suggestions from you all and I hope you're all willing to cooperate.

Kind regards


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In general I would say, it doesn't help that much if you announce events, special ... here at the forum, as just a few hundred players check it and even less du it regularly.

Ingame everyone can switch on CurveRadio, but I know it from many players that they prefer to listen to their own music or Youtube.

So basically you need a better ingame connection to reach players, who usually don't listen to CurveRadio. CurveFever2 won't get any updates anymore(link here), so your mainfocus has to be CurveFever3. Contact the developers and work with them together to get a better ingame connection.

It would be an idea to add a announcement field for CurveRadio, like it is now at CurveFever2 on the right site, if you check the roomlist. This would give you the option to announce special events, djs and other stuff. People usually prefer to listen to special musiccategories, so if they see ingame that the next DJ will play their prefered music, they maybe decide to listen to CurveRadio instead of their own music or Youtube.

Another idea would be to introduce a songrequest option ingame, so the people can easily influence the music, while they are playing.


Changing the program won't really affect something, as you will lose and win different target groups together. As solution you need a better connection to the ingameplayers, to catch different groups with different DJ's.



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no one listens to curve radio


Before cf radio used to interact with the community a lot more than it does now. I remember it being easier to request songs too but I don't think so now because your site is too confusing. It needs to be simple to use. And work.

I listen to my own music but the one of the reasons I always tuned in years ago was for Killuminatiofficial. She always had something fun going on like Alfy's beatboxing and interviews with Nayenda/Tranquility/Geert. She always tried to make it about more than the music and interacted with the community the best way she could. 

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Why would anyone listen to radio in times of Youtube, Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud etc., l0l?

I can listen to whatever music I like whenever I want to. No reason to tune in some random radio with random mainstream pop music.