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CurveRadio - 1st YEAR ANNIVERSARY - Can be CLOSED

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CurveRadio - 1st YEAR ANNIVERSARY - Can be CLOSED

Hello Curvefever and CurveRadio listeners,



As we probably all know it's getting the anniversary of CurveRadio! It has been a first amazing year playing music for you guys meanwhile you're enjoying your favorite game,Curvefever. The whole crew of CurveRadio has played all your favorite music during the year and this sunday we will give it an extra! Sunday 31th august 2014 we will be celebrating our anniversary and you're invited! From the morning till the evening we will be playing all your songs and we will also do a give away!

What can you expect sunday?

  • Our DJ's giving an extra boost and filling sunday's timetable! 
  • Meet and greet with your favorite DJ!
  • Ingame Curvefever games (randomly joined) that will be commentated live on air by our DJ's
  • 3 persons get an exclusive colors for in our chat!

When is my favorite DJ on air and when is the giveaway of the exclusive colors?

About the giveaway of our exclusive colors, we don't give a time. If you want to join you need to listen. We can give away an exclusive color at a random time. Just tune in and listen very good! :)

Uhmm..When is your favorite DJ on air sunday? Check the timetable ---> Click here

What does the Curvefever games and color-giveway mean?

The Curvefever games are just for fun, you can play a game with your favorite DJ or the DJ is commentating your game!

The color-giveaway includes that we will give away an exclusive color (for your name) that can be used in the CurveRadio chat to 3 persons.What do you have to do for winning the color? Listen to CurveRadio on sunday and we will tell you!




 plus New September Competition for CurveRadio T-shirt will be announced 





Thank you and i hope i see you on sunday at !


Clan: NMT



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Brilliant idea!

What about a temporary discount in the CurveRadio store http://curveradio.spreadshirt.netwink


This anniversary is too bad. There is a BUG on the radio site, i can't join it:

Deze website is op dit moment helaas niet bereikbaar. Kom binnenkort nog eens langs, wellicht doet de site het dan weer!

(aan de eigenaar: waarschijnlijk is je dataverkeer van deze maand verbruikt, upgrade of neem contact op met de support)

Can someone please fix the bug? :(

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We are sorry about that, the website is down and we cannot do anything. But you can still listen to the Radio in game ;).

Drink beer, make love, shit every day, be awesome!

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so sad :(

No Jumper, No Party! And Rage.

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Indeed the site is down and we try to fix if possible.

/Can be closed

General Manager Studio2 aka CurveRadio

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Drink beer, make love, shit every day, be awesome!