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CurveFever Tribunal

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CurveFever Tribunal

To the moderators who read this:

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Before you think about hiding or closing this topic, I want to explain you something. This topic isn't breaking any forumrules. It contains a slightly critical position towards the organisation of CurveFever 2, but thats not forbidden. Also the goal of this topic is to make your work easier and the game more enjoyable for us players.

Thanks in advance

Dear players,

As some of you've already noticed, the tribunal isn't working(again). This time it's not a problem on the side of the tribunal, but on the side of CurveFever 2, making it impossible for jezevec10(he created the tribunalsystem) to fix it. The tribunal report- and judgingsystem is working fine, but the punishment-results are not getting executed here. The last time a tribunalpunishment got executed was on 2019-01-25 19:30:03 and the first case without execution was on 2019-01-28 12:30:03. I've noticed the problem some days later and contacted on 2019-02-03 with two bugreports concerning the tribunal. They directed me to jezevec, who could fix one of the bugs and I've informed the support, that the other bug, preventing users to get banned, has to be fixed by the developers. I've receive an answer from Andreea that she informed the developerteam, this was on 2019-03-20.

Now, almost 7 weeks later and 4 months after the original bugreport, there hasn't been a change yet and we still have to face the result. While the toxic players already noticed that they don't get banned, there is also the problem that just a minor part is getting reported directly to the support. To be honest, thats not unexpected. While creating a tribunalreport can be done between two rounds (when you are dead), you need to collect evidence for a support report, upload it and write a supportmail, which is taking the time of a whole game(and sometimes even more). It's no surprise that most players don't use this option. As result just the minor part of tribunalreports and the few reports through observing chatmods(while most people act nice as long as a mod is present) is getting punished and on the other hand we can see toxic behaviour at most of the rooms.

I'm writing this topic, as I want to get attention to this issue. It's not very enjoyable playing nowadays to chill out at the end of a day and without enough "noise" about it, it will be the same as always: "Is the Issue gamebreaking?- Not directly.-We focus on cfpro." The moderators don't have the power or influence to change something and the developers are not experiencing the trouble. Well where should they? Except for seeing Geert online once a month(CurveFever 2) for some minutes(sometimes more, sometimes less), the developers are not playing this game, so they don't know whats going on here. This is the point where the players have to raise their voice. This game is obviously still generating enough income to be profitable, so on the other side I don't think it's unfair to request fixing this, to make the game atleast a little bit more enjoyable again. We can't keep it at this level or the community will continue to decrease significantly(to compare it, at 2019-02-20 we had 30312 players listed at the FFA rankings eu and today, not even 3 months later, we have 25577).

Thank you for reading, maybe you can add some points to this and hopefully something will be changed.

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welcome to cf2, the game where we didnt had an update for years.




You are totally right, lets that make clear.

But they already made clear so many times that they dont give about CF2. Its like you wrote, they just keep this game up, becuase still many buy premium accounts, and they have still some profit of it.

IMO you have wasted your time writing this post becuase they wont fix it. Everytime someone ask about CF2 you always get the same useless answer: We focus on CFPRO, thats all you get.

Clan: KOLL

Little update to this topic:

So it seems that they fixed atleast a part of the problem. As I've noticed, there are 2 cases which got executed lately, so the system seems to be working again. But, all the cases that finished at the last months(cases with id between 1763 and 1842) are still not executed, when they got "punish" as result. So idk if they still manage this(like the last time the tribunal wasn't working) and execute them after the bug got fixed or if those players are lucky to not be banned. The bug also caused the problem that less people are voting on the cases now, as their votes had no effect for some months now. As result there are more "clear" cases with a high percentage for a ban(84%, 86% or 87% as example) that still don't get punished, as the number of judges is too smal. Maybe the mods can request an ingame banner or similar to get some attention to the tribunal again.



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