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CurveFever Pro

Another game? Are u kidding me? When a lot of players came back and started with CF2 again, u come out with new game CurveFever. It seems like u don't want us to play this game. CurveFever 3 was a total disaster. What can we expect now? When u made CurveFever 3 a lot of players stopped with CF2 and almost noone came to CF3. Now there will be 3 CF's! If u want to keep this game going, DELETE CF3 and CFPRO immediately.

I already see what will happen, and it isn't nice.

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Ye tbh cf3 was just not unjoyable. I was hoping the nex cf would be something like cf2 but from the trailer it seems more like cf3 :/ Cf3 is in my opinion a completely different game than cf2 where cf2 is sooo much better

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I believe CFPro won't be a disaster, and people might enjoy it, and devs put a lot of work into it making these games like cf2 and cf3 (ik cf3 is bad..), but if you just don't want/like it, don't play it. simple as that


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new cf4 looks childish af.